East County Transitional Living Center

For whatever reason, homeless families have found themselves in a terrible situation and lack the resources to find their way back to wholeness. They have suddenly found themselves without the basic necessities of shelter, running water, a place to cook and eat and shower. Their children should not have ended up in a place so dire and dangerous. They’ve contacted social service agencies, but there are no beds for them.

ECTLC’s Emergency Housing Program, funded primarily by HUD Community Development Block Grants and the City of El Cajon, can take a family off the streets and put them in a safe, clean room for a short-term stay. They are provided with meals, toiletries, linens, and counseling. They have the opportunity to enter one of our longer-term programs, or we will check local resources to help them find a longer-term program that will suit their needs. Available rooms are limited.

Unfortunately, funds are also limited and we have restricted this program to cold-weather months, usually October through March. We are looking for partners to provide matching funds to operate Emergency Housing on a year-long basis. These contributions are always tax-deductible.

Although we are a religious nonprofit, this Emergency program is secular and does not require participation in Bible studies or other classes. However, the stay is very short-term, and they will soon need to decide whether to participate in one of our long-term programs, or find a program more suited to their situation. The exact length of their stay will be determined by their case plan, their options, available rooms, & funding.


12 ounces bottles of body wash, shampoo and conditioner

bar soap


feminine hygiene products

laundry detergent


tee shirts

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