Barbara Bruno Testimonial

What is So Good about California Staffing Professionals Conference?

By Barbara Bruno

Barb Bruno 2016

“No one can remain in business without continuous improvement. Some will argue that there is no substitute for experience, but when we rely only on our experience, we really don’t know what we don’t know.

CSP conference is always jam packed with exciting content: time management, sales, motivation, recruiting best practices, cost savings, legal issues, social media; usable content that has proven to pay for its expense 5 times over!  The only exception to this year is the committee’s commitment to making this one the best ever!

Along with great speakers and trainers, you’ll rub elbows with other pros sharing their experience AND get some great ideas from among our newbies.

And for those of you who don’t want to golf, let’s set up a spa morning!”


To make that choice you must have an overwhelming sense of purpose. It’s the picture you have of yourself – the kind of person you want to be or the kind of life you want to live. You possess unique talents and abilities with the potential of becoming extraordinary.

To change your life you must:

  • Do the right things at the right time
  • Unleash your capabilities and talent
  • Identify and release your power to achieve


Determine the areas of responsibility that are most important for you to accomplish. Consistently ask yourself, “Is this best use of my time?”

Determine the 20% of actions that provide you with 80% of your results. Focus on consistently increasing the 20% of your actions that are results oriented.

Another example of doing the right thing at the right time would be to register today to attend the CSP Conference on May 18-21 at Indian Wells, CA. If you think you can’t afford to leave your office, you’re the exact person who should register today. There is something magical that happens when you stand back, recharge, learn and network with other Staffing and Recruiting Professionals. UNLEASH YOUR CAPABILITIES AND TALENT Growth comes from building on your capabilities, talents and gifts. Never underestimate the purpose of the gifts within you. They were given to you to not only fulfill the purpose in your own life, but so you can help others. Being on the offensive and taking initiative are the master keys of opening the doors of opportunity in your life. When your feet hit the floor each morning, you should think on the offensive, moving forward, taking control of your day.

You can’t do the same things and expect different results

If you want to improve your results, learn subtle changes you can easily implement by registering for the CSP Conference. Contact Diane Skullr at

IDENTIFY AND RELEASE YOUR POWER TO ACHIEVE Your greatest concern should not be your skills, abilities or intelligence, but rather your commitment to achieve the life you deserve to live. Choose today to take on opportunities to exercise your unique talents and watch growth surround you. You are always one choice away from changing your life, is that choice to attend the CSP Conference? You’ll never know unless you register today by contacting Contact Diane Skullr at