April 4, 2017

Mike Warren

Principal & Founder, Executive Coach, Business Consultant, Author, Speaker : Alethia Strategic Business Solutions

Mike Warren Headshot

Mike is a seasoned executive, consultant, executive coach, author, speaker and college professor with over 25 years of corporate experience working with start-ups, Fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies, as well as non-profits. His work includes a diverse background of industries ranging from financial services, food & beverage, and technology, to media, real estate, manufacturing and engineering.

Mike’s work, past and current, includes clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia, Asia, Canada and Mexico.

A few of the companies Mike has worked and currently works with include: American Express, Prudential, Clear Channel, Nestle, Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Ben & Jerry’s, Advantage, Claim Jumper, Quantas Airlines, Bradshaw, Kelly-Clark, Dial Corporation, Sunshine Biscuits, Nippon, Day-Lee Foods, Unified Grocers, Sony Entertainment, Powerfull Electric, Arbonne International, Glidewell Labs and many others.

Mike focuses on working with students, individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, HR, finance, sales, marketing, IT, operations, promotions and advertising departments, mid-level to senior managers and C- level executives on strategies that not only improve but maintain long term results and a high ROI.

Mike is an expert at helping clients identify blind-spots, set goals, make connections, become more aware, seek breakthroughs, and take action. He works with his employees and clients to promote a shift from being an observer to a participant, from being passive to active, from teaching to experiencing and most importantly, from telling to becoming a great listener.

Using Consultative Coaching, as well as current relevant content, Mike optimizes unrealized potential by helping develop students, employees and his client’s talents, as well as refining their effective skills from limiting and average performance to enhanced and often times, outstanding effectiveness.

Mike can be reached at mwarren@asbizsolutions.com (949) 373-6808 or via Brandman’s Corporate Training office CorporateTraining@brandman.edu (949) 341-9864.