Recruiter Retreat

Recruiter Retreat

Hello and welcome to the website for the conference and for our extra special Recruiter Retreat!

We have two days with two separate speakers who will be talking about Sales, Recruiting, and what to do with a blended desk.

We asked, you told us and now we are delivering! Out of all the surveys that we read last year, over 85% asked for a Recruiter Retreat where you would talk about Direct Hire, Temp and Temp to Direct Hire AND that you could talk about sales to bring it all together. So we brain stormed and came up with an idea. We reached out to 80% of all the recruiter Speakers in our industry and yes, the majority were either direct hire OR temp, very few were blended desk which in our minds was just silly because very few people do just one or the other! Most everyone does both.

We asked, looked into, and talked to many people and came up with one gentleman who has been doing and speaking about blended desks for many years: Bob Marshall. He has over 36 years experience. He is a truly remarkable speaker and an expert in recruitment, working a blended desk and sales!

We then thought outside the box and approached someone who is successful and who is in the business. Jennifer Lambert has several offices that are continually growing and that she is doing this everyday. She is an accomplished speaker and truly an expert in the field.

So we have two points of view for two days. These speakers are there for everyone. A one person office that just does direct hire but that has a client that also wants them to do temp, an office that does only temp but the owner who wants the staff to also do direct hire, and for the rookies out there that need to know everything…This is the place you need to be!

Thursday May 4, 2017 will be Bob Marshall and Friday May 5, 2017 will be Jennifer Lambert!

Give them a try, you will not be disappointed!