Scott Wintrip

Founder: Wintrip Consulting Group


Scott Wintrip is the author of High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant, published by McGraw-Hill in April 2017. He’s also the President of the Wintrip Consulting Group, a global consultancy serving our industry. Scott has worked with thousands of staffing firms, helping them generate more than $1.3 billion in growth. For five consecutive years, Scott has appeared on the Staffing 100, a list of the 100 most influential leaders in the industry. He’s also a member of the Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame and was recently inducted into the Staffing 100 Hall of Fame.

Scott will be giving a keynote speech on maintaining a competitive edge and defining the competitive landscape in the industry as well as leading a workshop showing you how to implement the ideas in the keynote.


Maintaining a competitive advantage is vital for staffing success. To remain competitive, your firm has to do many things well. Client relationships must be built and nurtured, quality candidates have to be cultivated and cared for, and your internal team has to navigate a rapidly changing marketplace.

Some firms are no longer satisfied with just being competitive — instead, they’re defining the competitive landscape. What makes these companies different is how they’re anticipating and responding to changes in the economy. Instead of being threatened by the gig economy, they’re applying its lessons to their business models. Rather than competing on price, they’re developing better ways to deliver value. They’re adapting to rapidly shifting circumstances, seizing opportunities, and growing their market share and margins.

During this keynote, Wintrip will share his research, stories, and insights to help you learn from these successes. He’ll also share ideas on the topic from his new book, High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant, published by McGraw-Hill. Known for his innovative foresight and practical advice, you’ll leave his session with concrete plans and pragmatic approaches.

The High Velocity Staffing Workshop

In this workshop with Scott Wintrip, you’ll gain more insights on how to implement the ideas he shared in his keynote. These include how to:

  • Improve the flow of high-quality candidates you can offer to your customers.
  • Sell buyers on a faster hiring process.
  • Develop an inventory of ready-to-place temps, contractors, and full-time employees.
  • Close deals for higher fees and greater margins.
  • Fill your internal sales and recruiting roles by applying these ideas.

Author of the forthcoming book High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant, being published by McGraw-Hill.

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