Vitaly Obernikhin

CEO : Amazing Hiring


Vitaly is the CEO for AmazingHiring – the search engine for recruiters looking for the best software developers, data scientists, designers, and other technical specialists. Amazing Hiring’s software gathers millions of profiles, online activities and work histories and cranks through terabytes of web pages to discover key contributors, their public contacts, and evaluate their skills and community influence. Delivering precise and exhaustive search results that surfaces 30% more qualified talent than any competitive solution.
About topic

AI in recruitment – current trends and the future

Contribute to a discussion led by Vitaly Obernikhin, CEO and Co-Founder of AmazingHiring, a search engine for recruiters looking for the best software engineers, data scientists, designers, machine learning specialists etc..

Artificial intelligence is being applied to many spheres of our life now.  The advances in the development of AI applications make many things easier to do now. How does it affect the recruitment? Can AI make the life of recruiters easier and their work more efficient?